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I am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist based in Oxenhope,  West Yorkshire.


I trained with the world renowned Clifton practice (CPHT) which offers gold standard solution focused hypnotherapy training and hold the Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD).

I have extensive experience of working with children as well as adults.

I have a current DBS  and have a degree in Childhood studies as well as my Diploma in Hypnotherapy. 

I chose to become a hypnotherapist as I want to help others to enjoy life to the full.

The changes you can make through hypnotherapy are amazing and I love being a part of that.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combines Hypnotherapy with elements of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has fast long term results which allows me to see the positive changes in many of my clients.

The focus of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is looking at the positives rather than the negatives with the focus on how you want things to be rather than focusing on the problem.

Hypnosis/Trance is a relaxed state of mind similar to 'day dreaming' which allows positive suggestion for your subconscious mind. This helps you to move forward in life through relaxed and enjoyable sessions in a calm environment. 


How I Can

Help You

Proven Results Treating: - 

* Anxiety and Stress

* Low mood and Depression

* Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

* Confidence, Self esteem, Public speaking 

* Phobias, Fears and Trauma 

* Stop Smoking

* Sports Performance

* Obsessive Behaviors and Habits

* Weigh Management

* Sleep Problems

* Bereavement

* Children with Anxiety/ Exam preparation/Nerves 



Stress can show in different ways and is a natural response which  we all feel from time to time. How you cope and react can differ from person to person and can be damaging to our well-being. Everyone can experience stress in different ways which can manifest into worrying about all areas of our lives which can feel over whelming.

Physical reactions to stress: 

  • Insomnia

  • Headaches

  • Appetite changes

  • Fatigue

Emotional reactions

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Irritability 

Hypnotherapy works by reducing the levels of anxiety allowing rational thoughts to become easier, trance allows the mind to de-clutter and allow space for this to happen. 


Improve your sleep

Do you suffer from insomnia?

Do you lie awake when its time to go to sleep?

Do you wake in the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep?

Hypnotherapy can help you sleep well and get a good nights sleep.

Lack of sleep is debilitating, once you start sleeping well this can reduce irritability, help with weight management, improve motivation and reduce anger. 

Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight depends on the food we eat and our relationship with food. We can make different choices when we are stressed , stress can effect our eating habits. Weight management through hypnotherapy is long term although its not a quick fix or a diet its a change of mindset. 


Depression can cause loss of interest or pleasure, disturbed sleep, loss of energy and a lack of motivation. Depression can last for weeks or months. 

Hypnotherapy can help get the real you back and feel motivated again. 

Confidence & Self Esteem


Events can overwhelm us, interviews and exams can worry us. We can all lack confidence at some point in our lives. Focusing on past events can create negative thought patterns which can blur how we think about situations. Hypnotherapy helps us focus on now and gain a new perspective. 

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